Transience - Virtual Exhibition


✤ Træn.zi.əns

After the success of our first virtual exhibition “Berlin/Berlin” we decided to continue our online openings quarterly as we move more and more into a digital world.

Transience is a group show with photographers from LA to Tel Aviv, London to Australia and Berlin to Kyiv.
Being in a digital realm, so much in the world being temporary, ever-changing, moving and evolving, with everything that has happened in the last 12 month “Transience” as a theme felt very fitting.

All the photographers are people that move around a lot, interact with their surroundings, the people within them and the ever changing scenes, scenarios and moments they find themselves in.

The more we progress into the age of digital the more things become transient and temporary and we want to explore the feeling behind this, moments that were once seen, created, conceptualized, recorded, kept and forgotten.

Curated by Daniel Peace & Nicole Oike.

Turn on, tune in, drop out. Siilk.

Works on show by:

Moyosore Briggs

Anna-Lena Krause

Kai Leplaw

Lihi Brosch




✤ Moyosore Briggs

Born in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a recent graduate from the University of the Arts London, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Photography.

She began her art career as a self taught event photographer and currently works as a photographer and model in London.

Alongside her photography, Moyosore’s art practice encompasses writing and publishing. She’s worked as a contributing editor on multiple publications, as well as self publishing her own written & photographic work.

Moyosore’s current art practice revolves around photography and digital manipulation, self portraiture in particular, within her photography, she tries to find the beauty within the poor image.

Moyosore’s current work, her self portraiture, fashion event photography, as well as her written work, focus on the intersection of the self, individuality, fashion and sexuality.

Through imagery that is both extremely dark, but also vivid & full of color, she explores these themes in relation to herself and those around her.

✤ Anna-Lena Krause

A visual artist from Berlin, currently based in London. Her work often explores sociological and cultural phenomena in modern societies, focusing primarily on perception and memory. In particular, she questions how ideas we have of ourselves are shaped by the environments we are nurtured in.

The work investigates the dialog between the external and the internal, the other and the self and the entanglement that happens in between to highlight how fragile and dependent memory is in relation to our perception.

Combining photography, film and sculpture she looks at how different forms of representation can highlight the differences in our shaping of ideas of the world. The work suggests that perception, like memory, is not a passive but an active action; our wholeness and continuity aren’t a given but made by us.

Krause has had various group exhibitions including the Rencontres Des Arles, the European Months of Photography, ‘Sweet Harmony‘ at Saatchi Gallery, London and ‘No Photos on the Dance Floor‘ at C/O Berlin. Her work has been published among others in British Vogue, Sleek Magazine, Oyster, and WWD.

✤ Gorsad

Is a Trio of contemporary young artists from Kiev. The works of Maria Romanyuk, Viktor Vasyliev and Yulian Romanyuk, have been repeatedly exhibited in Paris, New York, Berlin and Barcelona, and have also been published in Vice magazine, Dazed & Confused, Tissue, L’officel, S Magazine New York and many others.

The heroes of GORSAD’s works are often children and adolescents in transitional age, and the projects are a daring experiment to illustrate the search for their own “I”.

✤ Hyperlink Athens

Hyperlink Athens is an open research [project], a site of interdisciplinary collaboration; this is the core that characterizes its trajectory.

Hyperlink expands its practice/methodology into a symbiotic manner with off-site installations, in-situ interventions, video documentation and sound, with a view to create an autonomous fluid mode between artwork and curation.

The praxis of putting works in a new light, provides a critical research process of investigation, discovery and reflection on contemporary culture.

Hyperlink was founded in 2017 and is run by visual artists Alexandra Koumantaki and Yannis Voulgaris.

✤ Cai Leplaw

Focusing on the slightly odd, unusual and discomfort in everyday life, Cai Leplaw’s works are politically and socially thought provoking.

After living throughout Europe for most of his adult life and working within the fashion and arts industry, Cai now bases himself back home in Byron Bay, Australia.

His works have been featured in publications such as Notion, Indie mag, Grass fires and Monster Children to name a few.


VVHY is a visual lab of media label created by Natasha Masharova and Anatoli Ulyanov. Charged both poetically and politically, it makes documentaries on marginalized subjects and under-represented communities. Its goal is to explore and empower those who dare to challenge the status quo either by direct political struggle or by staying authentic despite the formatting norms of a ruling culture.

Anatoli Ulyanov and Natasha Masharova (both born in 1984) are LA-based artists with backgrounds in sociology and journalism. After being forced to leave their home country Ukraine in 2009, they eventually got political asylum in the US. Wondering in-between sex and death, they are continually pushing the boundaries of what’s allowed in our corporate media landscape.

✤ Lihi Brosh

Lihi Brosh is a photographer from Tel Aviv, Israel. Self taught from a young age Lihi is a photographer that loves to move around, studying at CSM, London. Shooting for publications such as Dazed, ID, Nylon Japan, Schon, XXL Magazine, Hypebeast and many, many more while studying in New York.

She has exhibited works between in China and Japan and had her photography featured in publications internationally.

Crazy and spontaneous setups and peculiar people are things that you will find in her photography, and it’s her confidence and body language that have helped her approach others, hang out with influential people and shoot total strangers throughout the day and night.


Nicole Oike is a freelance Art Director and Visual Researcher currently based in Milan, Italy.

After a graduation in Art Direction & Styling and further Contemporary Art studies she deepened her inclination for Image
Archiving and Aesthetic Curation.

She works closely with artists, fashion brands and record labels as an Image Consultant and Trend Forecaster.

Nicole has a strong interest in photography, experimental cinema and video installation, Japanese aesthetic, sound art and performance art, specifically in the Post-Organic Body Art field.

As well as being part of a Contemporary Dance company.

Daniel Peace is a photographer, curator, and the founder of SIILK gallery. Originally from Newcastle, U.K.

His debut exhibitions took place at Hoxton Gallery (UK) and the Royal academy of Art (UK). Since 2015, he has exhibited in and curated throughout North America and Europe.

He has photographed designers at Berlin, Paris, and Mexico City Fashion Weeks, as well as shooting editorials and look books
for designers around the globe. His work has been featured in Féroce, Notion, Noctis, Dazed, i-D, Kaltblut, Autré, Vice, Spindle, Crom, Vogue Britain, and many more.

After living in London, Berlin, and Mexico City, he moved to Athens, Greece in 2019 to open SIILK gallery, with the aim of promoting provocative, contemporary, independent visual artists whom are under-represented within the traditional system.