¡Berlin/Berlin! - Virtual Exhibition


It’s still 2020 and we’re still going through a pandemic. 

With galleries, cultural spaces, events and nightlife taking a hit globally we’ve decided to move forward and host our first virtual exhibition as a means to keep creating content and pushing contemporary emerging photographers.

Berlin/Berlin is our first online / virtual exhibition with works featured by:

Javier Cerrada
Rafael Medina
Daniela Torres
Duran Levinson
Agatha Powa

An exploration of imagery capturing each photographers surroundings, scenes, lifestyles and identities in the city we have all lived in and love.

Curated by Daniel Peace.

Turn on, tune in, drop out.


• Rafael Medina

Rafael is a Brazilian photographer based in Berlin. He earned a BA in Philosophy at UERJ and studied Visual Arts at Eav-Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro. His work is focused on documenting and portraying LGBTQ people´s life focusing on their affection and sexuality. His 35mm analogue shots and double exposure on film experiments investigate the club culture and queer life from an inside point of view.

Medina has participated in several group exhibitions, such as “DISCOnstruction”, about the Berlin Club Scene, in February 2020 and made an art Residency and his first solo show with the ‘’Skin Deep’’ project at Instinct Berlin In 2017. He is part of the upcoming group exhibition “Intimacy: Queer Art from Berlin and Beyond” in December at Schwules Museum and taking part of the recently released book “New Queer Photography”

• Daniela Torres

Living in Berlin for a decade has greatly impacted Daniela’s values and philosophy, hence the personal commentary on society through her interests, subjects and style. She uses photography as an analysis and reflection of her inner self.
Across multiple ongoing photographic series, the artist seeks answers to her intimate questions. Celebrating feminity, nudity and vulnerability, she draws inspiration from own experiences as a woman; mixing her cultural heritage and the constant influence of new surroundings.

• Duran Levinson

Duran Levinson is a South African photographer, director and cinematographer currently based in Berlin. Duran is an extremely passionate all round visual artist and creator.
He has had works published internationally by magazines, online editorials, campaigns, music videos, advertising and in books, the list goes on.

He began his career working in visual effects departments for the Hollywood TV and Film industry.
While living and working in China, Russia and Germany he created content for the likes of Vice, Adidas, Wasted Paris, Volchok, New balance and many more. He has published 4 books, exhibited around the globe as well as touring with the likes of Sam Fender and Frank Carter.

• Javier Cerrada

Javier Alejandro Cerrada was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1988, based in Berlin since 2014.
When he was five his grandmother was diagnosed Alzheimer Disease. Since then, he knew that there was always the genetic possibility to start forgetting everything. He got his first camera at 7, a spy-toy camera with 110 film and no flash. Starting from there, till today, he never stopped taking pictures.

He went to university and started working with fashion/lifestyle magazines and sport newspapers as a graphic designer and eventually art director, but never as photographer. He kept taking photographs, but as a diary, as an obsession to keep track on places, people and moments.

At this point he was shooting with a Regula Picca C, 35mm film, which his great uncle left to him after he passed away. During that time, his interaction with photography was very private and emotional.
Shooting from bucolic landscapes, portraits of friends in intimate moments or snapshots of emotions.

Javier started to be more selective with what appears in the viewfinder. Without noticing he became an observant and student of the tropical light. He began to research more actively, an artistic point of view of visual capacities and the power of the camera. He became obsessed with the work of painter, Armando Reveron and wanted to imitate his appreciation for the light.

Painters are now his first approach to photography. After learning that great impressionist masters used photographic techniques to aid their paintings he grew an absolute sense in connecting both mediums.
After moving to Berlin, his photographs quickly became impregnated with the celebration of the barbaric, crazy fun city, in combination with his sensibility for light. He started shooting much quicker and developed a photographic incontinence. At this point for the first time he saw photography not only as a personal hobby to cope with anxiety but more as a life long labor for the ones that really want to see. From this moment on he decided to make film photography his life’s work, medium of expression and a tool for him to investigate the world as he sees it.

• Agatha Powa

Info coming soon.

Curated by Daniel Peace

@SiilkGallery @Danielpeace