Prosforá #4

03.10.19 - 01.11.19

Prosforá / tender /ˈtɛndə/ – Showing gentleness, kindness, and affection.

Prosforá is a group show curated by Siilk Gallery showcasing an all female photographer lineup from all corners of the world.

Opening October 3rd | 6pm – 10pm @ Siilk Gallery.

Complimentary drinks. Music provided by Blanda.


• María G. de Azcárate –

María G. de Azcárate is a Spanish born and raised visual artist, currently based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Easily moving between authentic documentary and surreal scenography, analogue and digital all her images speak a whimsical and alluring language that radically exposes the vulnerability and the strangeness of the everyday.

The body of work presented is a small part of a larger project in which she “recycles” her own discarded/forgotten photo archive, started about eleven years ago, a mixture of analogue and phone photography.

Nowadays, we are subject to a new way of consuming images, more immediate and crowded. With this collection of photographs, she tries to declutter and appropriate her own deserted photographic archive, confronting her past with her present, creating new narratives.

• Pia Kintrup –

Pia Kintrup is an emerging young artist from Germany. She was born in 1988 in North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany. She studied photography and graduated with an MFA in 2017. In her work, she’s highly interested in still life, materiality, and surface character.

Transformational processes, value, emptiness and abundance, and photographic steps of transition are essential for her artwork. Pia Kintrup uses the medium of photography to transform the three- into the two dimensional and therefore to fix a particular perspective.

Besides her groundwork in entire work is based on staging, and an imitation of the reality, as well as three dimensional work, she’s working with the contradictory relation of man and object, surface, materiality, and artificial structures.

Her entire work is based on staging, and an imitation of the reality, as well as the imitation of natural structures. These themes are essential aspects of Kintrup ́s recent artwork.

• Rhea Gupte –

An Indian visual artist, photographer, creative director, consultant, poet and writer. Rhea was born in Mumbai in 1990 and grew up with varied creative interests at a young age, from writing poetry to exploring animation. Her practise is an amalgamation of her skill set in varied disciplines and stems from the joy of repeatedly practising the creative process. Across her different bodies of work; human emotion and exploring its vulnerability form a common thread. The aspect of having an emotional connect with the viewer, being a storyteller and starting a conversation are important to her work. Self-growth, self-care, an openness with personal struggles and changing redundant societal perceptions deeply reflect in her creations. Rhea is also a published poet and her artworks have been exhibited in group shows in Germany, India, Israel, South Korea and a solo show in Australia. Her work has been commissioned by various clients and publications in India and abroad.

• Rebecca Dorothy –

Rebecca Dorothy was born in Rome in 1993. Since her childhood ,she cultivates her passion for photography but once she gets older ,she realizes to want more so she gets close to erotic photography and decides to move to Berlin to be able to express better and freely her art . Rebecca Dorothy explores the body and the sensuality in a overwhelming sea of colors, focusing first on her own body with many self-portraits then entering into the most intimate and secret moments of lovers , friends and acquaintances. Her pictures tell stories merging between reality and fantasy, love and passion, nude and costume.