Ológyra # 5

07.12.19 - 28.12.19

Ológyra #5 Opening 6pm / 07.11 @ Siilk Gallery.

Music provided by Hawk Stigmata.

• Photographers:

• Veronica Bolacchi

Veronica Bolacchi, a.k.a. Viunca, was born in 1983 in Sardinia, and moved to Berlin 8 years ago. She approached photography during her childhood, thanks to her father, who had old analogue cameras, that she still owns to this day.

She graduated in Italy in Cinema and Photography, and took several digital photography courses. As time went by, her love for analogue work grew more and more, completely replacing digital photography.

Passionate about black and white pictures, that she prints and develops by herself, she also enjoys working with color films, creating light effects that range from bright, to very delicate ones.

Her work mainly focuses on the relationship between human beings and nature, gathering inspiration on her journeys around the world.

Her latest analogue project, “People into Nature”, faces the theme of nature and its greatness compared to mankind, sometimes using a triple exposure so as to explain that one shot will never be enough to capture the magnitude of the whole wide world.

• Rainy Siagian

Rainy Siagian (1994, BE), is a Belgian based photographer. Her work deeply reflects on life as a natural process of change by constantly researching and exploring in every direction. Inspired by the off – grid and isolation, she aimed to focus on visual storytelling to get as close as possible to her subject.

• Ted Oonk

Ted Oonk is a Dutch contemporary artist who lives and works in Belgium. She received a MFA in Photography from St.Joost Academy in Breda. She also holds a MA in Filmstudies and Visual Culture from the University of Antwerpen. Her artistic practice embraces mainly photography and video. Concepts that often recur in her work are normality, classification and stereotypes and is mainly centered around the many ways we both mask and bring to light vulnerability, standards and norms in our visual culture.

Oonk’s work is often a combination of a subtle conceptual approach accompanied with a strong photographic eye. Oonk’s work has been shown nationally and internationally. They have been exhibited a.o. at Texture Museum Kortrijk, ENTER Festival Brussels, Mostyn Museum Wales, The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Photoville New York, The National Art Studio Seoul and Photofestival Naarden. Works were also published in Der Greif Magazine, Humanize Magazine and on Self Publish Be Happy.

• Christine Lorenzen

Is a 22 year old photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

This project is called “7 years”. She started the project when she was 15 years old, without it initially actually being a project.

She took pictures of her first boyfriend, and her friends. So now, 7 years later she is still photographing the same friends, new friends and boyfriend. The project is a visual diary, a portrayal of feelings through her friends.

Its a personal, intimate project exploring the relationships she has with her friends, and there emotions throughout time.

• Joao Gil

Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1989, lives and works in Berlin. Studied Fine Arts in Lisbon Academy of Fine Arts, Design at School of Arts and design in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.

In 2014 Joao moved to London to pursue an MA at Central Saint Martins which he graduated in 2016. After working in design and incubating his artistic practice for many years, Joao has recently committed to pursue his own practice.

Joao’s photographic work is distinguished by its immediacy and investigation of our surroundings, looking for evidence of our uncanny contemporary and our oblivious relationship to reality. These photographs function as a set of fragments of abstract narratives. Eluding to the viewer’s imagination and relatable memories to construct their own reality.

Joao explores the tension of familiarity and strangeness towards our environment to evoke questions around ideas of place, common memories, construction of narratives and abandoned insights. His photographs are diaristic, a gift of presence from the lens and the search for visual representation of ideas and meaning.

This allegorical form of documentation becomes increasingly complex without a subject hierarchy between spaces, bodies, architecture, nature or landscape, capturing shared fragments of memory-traces.

• Savaş Onur Şen

Savaş Onur Şen is a Turkish photographer based in Van. He has graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism. He has taken his master degree about photography and PhD degree about photojournalism.

Now he is working in Van Yuzuncu Yil University as an Assistant Professor. Savaş Onur Şen is try to use photography to tell stories. These days he focused on the stories of the animals who lives in the urban life style.

This practices pushes him to understand to relationship between human and animals. This highly complicated issue needs new viewpoints and that viewpoints direct him to new ways to tell stories.