Jens Laugesen

GENERICSENS 2.0 documents iconic design pieces from the JENS LAUGESEN Archive. The use of three iPhone recordings for the digital triptych film reflects the designers love for slice cutting garment, concept and image as a conceptual way to explore different facets of the silhouettes in a glitch fragmented manner. 

The digital re/deconstruction glitch style, developed in collaboration with editor Maxim Young, is an evolution of the old school VHS’ pixel winds’ style that the designer discovered during the FAITH IN CHAOS film collaboration with Nick Knight for SHOWstudio in 2004. The conceptual glitch has since inspired the hybrid design thinking behind the 12 award-winning collections presented in 4 trilogies (Ground Zero, Inside Out, Future Now and Interiør).

The GENERICSENS 2.0 film is a triptych split-screen film format, documenting the mirrored straight-up of selected members of the East London LGBTQ+ club kids community turning into the trance of techno, which seems like a perfect metaphor of the creative isolation during lockdown for the current pandemic.  

The diverse group of participants including core members of the Boudica collective, founded by Samantha Togni, collaborated with stylist Sara Dunn to select and mix iconic garments from the archive to co-create unique looks with their accessories to express their personal identities.

Over three immersive rooms, the virtual exhibition mixes analogue with digital in a fragmented mirrored glitch style. The film and gallery are also featuring the track “Rome” by Danny Passarella and Samantha Togni.

The collaboration project pays homage to the timeless gender fluid nature of the eponymous brand’s hybrid design thinking. 

The project is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and will also launch simultaneously in London Fashion Week September 18th 2021. 


For best viewing virtual exhibition on SIILK GALLERY, we advise you to use a chrome browser with high bandwidth internet access. If images are slow to upload, we recommend waiting a couple of minutes before re-launching the virtual gallery exhibition.