Limited Edition Siilk Photo Cards


Limited Edition (1000) 4×6 photo card print packs created during the “Covid-19” pandemic to support photographers and the gallery in keeping its platform and operations running throughout this time.

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As you’re probably aware, the lockdown around the corona virus is proving to be a challenge for many galleries and businesses in the arts.

The Siilk Gallery is no exception. We had exciting plans in motion for the coming months, which have all had to be put on hold. Like many others, our running costs are still there, while our opportunities to earn income have been taken away.

As a result, to keep our platform going through this period of uncertainty, we’ve decided to move ahead with some plans we already had for a limited edition series of photo card print packs. Sales of these will help support the gallery and our photographers through the pandemic.

Each postcard pack contains 8 photographic post cards and are a one off limited edition run of prints (1000). We appreciate each and every sale since it helps keeps us going during this time.

  • World wide shipping included in the price. Works by photographers Sven Kräuter, Andrea D’Auria, Daniel Peace & Moritz Jekat.


• Sven Kräuter lives in Neukölln and works on local and international photo projects. In the core his photography evolves around the urban human condition. How do we live in big cities? What do we have in common all over the world? How do certain quarters change over time? In search of answers, Sven Kräuter delivers observations in the form of moments and juxtapositions. His photographs have been exhibited in Germany, Europe and the USA, including at D&AD in London as part of the London Street Photography Symposium and at the Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco.


• Ludovico Andrea D’Auria is an Italian photographer born in Rome and now based in London. For many years Andrea has documented the underground scenes of each city, capturing their raw beauty and essence.

The starting point of D’Auria’s career was in Berlin, where for the first time he felt the need to document his surroundings as a reaction to a deadlock.

Through photography, D’Auria discovered the means to reach a deep and reflexive inner catharsis and often returns to the theme of outcasts, which he refers to as being an unavoidable subject within his work, he gives special attention to the aesthetics of his work and this is what makes his photography unique.

D’Auria previously worked as a curator and a graphic designer, and now as a photographer, he is an active eyewitness and participant in the environments he documents.

In his works, ethics, aesthetics and intimate connections merge to create an impactful and relational photograph displaying tones that oscillate between escapism and a revival of identity.


• Daniel Peace quickly received acclaim as a London based Emerging photographer when he started shooting in 2015. Hi initial works were published by independent magazines such as Féroce, Notion and Noctis in 2015 as well as subsequently gaining exhibition at Hoxton Gallery and the Royal academy of Art even though he had only just starting creating imagery.

This then lead to work and features in magazines internationally such as Dazed, I.D, Kaltblut, Autré, Vice, Spindle, Crom, Vogue Britain and many more. He left London and relocated to Berlin to work on his style, technique and portfolio. He relocated to Kreuzberg on New years eve of 2016 and was shooting non-stop with Berlin’s striking characters, independent designers and brands. Being based in Berlin led him to shoot for designers at Berlin and Paris Fashion weeks as well as shooting editorials and look books for brands and designers around the continent.

After spending 2 years in Berlin he then moved to Mexico city to explore the fashion culture, underground, the people, personas and the country itself. Shooting CDMX fashion week for ID Magazine and working with designers such as Carla Fernandez, Sacrifice streetwear, Wavvy Los Angeles and collectives such as Naafi.

In March 2019 after spending a stint in his hometown Newcastle (UK) he moved to Athens, Greece to create a new base and establish the photographic gallery “Siilk” to give exposure to underground and under represented photographers from around the globe. He has continued shooting conceptual ideas and working with like minded people in the City while also working in and around Europe.


• Moritz Jekat (b. 1987, Germany) lives and works as a professional still life and documentary photographer and photo artist in Berlin. In his personal, non-commercial projects he observes, documents, reflects and interprets transformation in culture, values and norms, structural and political changes of regions and society.

He mainly focuses on contemporary western society and it‘s changes and developments. Jekat looks at those issues in abstract ways but always trys to keep a documentarian part in it. He graduated with honors with his photo-book “Non ya” and a BA in Communication Design from University of applied science and arts Potsdam in 2018. The photo-book “Non ya” was nominated for the Kassel Dummy Award 2019 and is winner of the Unseen Dummy Award 2019.

His work was exhibited at “Der Greif x Berlin Photo Week”, “Kang Contemporary” and a few smaller Galleries in Berlin in 2019. His book “Non ya” is part of the ongoing Kassel Dummy Award exhibition tour 2019 through the EU. His work was featured in magazines and platforms like “British Journal of Photography”, “Unseen platform”, “Aint-bad-Magazine”, “Fluter”, “Ordinary Magazine”, “Musee Magazine”, “Ignant”, “KALTBLUT Magazine” or “Opera”.