Sofía Ayarzagoitia

Monterrey, Mexico

Sofía Ayarzagoitia (b. 1987. Monterrey, México)

Sofia is interested in photography that has a performative edge but derives from the documentary heritage. This performative edge is drawn from the empathic relationship that she shares with her subjects. Even if she never appears in the photographs, the work is always referring to her, not only through texts but also through this relationship.

She is interested in the actions they do for her camera. A lot of her work revolves around intimacy and themes emerging from it, keeping the necessary link of art and life. Trying to explain her existential and psychological journey, while she also explores the thin line between memories, fiction, time and space.

Where are you from and where are you living now? Tell us a little about both?

At the moment I am living at Monterrey México. It is one of the biggest and industrial city of México. I was born here at hospital Conchita. A city full of mountains.

If not Mexico where would you be living?

It´s a tempting question, I would like to discover our whole planet.

I have plans to travel a lot, I like Africa, Asia, Europe, South America. I would spend my life traveling around with no pressure.

Tell us about your process, what do you feel makes you take the images you do?

My process is very organic. One thing leads me to the next and so on. It depends on my state of mind, every time is different. It is like a game for my mind. Sometimes I do sketches but sometimes is just discovering a place and a person I go back or I don´t… Color is one of my motivations.

Construct something that is not there, that I need to make. After the image is taken I develop and scan and make a selection of my strongest images and start playing with them with a narrative. I prefer a bunch of photos to play with. One photo activates the other photo and it becomes a narrative.

There is a intimacy to a lot of your works, how do you pick out your subjects?

I know when I first see them, It depends on everything.

What was your time like in Seoul, how does it differ to latin America for you and what do you find similar?

My time in Seoul was fascinating and tough, It´s another world. Koreans are very smart people they develop concepts to very high level, they are very independent and they don´t hug.

I remember going to MMCA museum they were having an amazing exhibition of Koreans Contemporary photography, I really wanna buy that book. It was very mind opener.

I want to go back!

Your shooting mostly analogue, tell us about the cameras you use and why?

Yes I love analogue process and results, my cameras are very simple and cheap cameras.

If you could show your works anywhere where would it be?

Good question. I like every possibility, museums, galleries, festivals, at my studio… I love books, probably the best way to show my work.

Do you have any projects planned for the rest of 2020?

Yes! I am working on several things, one of them is called Triggered, Hope you can see it next year.

Where can we find you online?

Sofia Ayarzagoitia you can Dm me!