Moyosore Briggs

London, England

Moyosore Briggs was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a recent graduate from the University of the Arts London, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Photography.

She began her art career as a self taught event photographer and currently works as a photographer and model in London.

Alongside her photography, Moyosore’s art practice encompasses writing and publishing. She’s worked as a contributing editor on multiple publications, as well as self publishing her own written & photographic work.

Moyosore’s current art practice revolves around photography and digital manipulation, self portraiture in particular, within her photography, she tries to find the beauty within the poor image.

Moyosore’s current work, her self portraiture, fashion event photography, as well as her written work, focus on the intersection of the self, individuality, fashion and sexuality.

Through imagery that is both extremely dark, but also vivid & full of color, she explores these themes in relation to herself and those around her.

Where are you from, where are you based? Tell us a little about both.

I’m from Lagos, Nigeria, but I’m based in London now. I went to school in Lagos, because my parents wanted me to get a home education and i moved back to the UK right after I graduated from High school. I lived in Southampton for a few years and then my family moved down to London.

When did you’ve to London? If not London where could you see your self?

I moved to London from Southampton in 2016/2017. At the moment I definitely see myself living in Berlin and I’m currently making plans to move in the new year.

How was studying photography in London, did you find the city had an impact on your work?

Studying photography in London wasn’t as impactful as I thought it would be. I didn’t learn or take much from art school, to be honest I learnt more from my classmates and peers than my professors.

The city had no impact on my work, I pull my inspiration from other places and cultures, but the people did impact certain aspects of my work. Mostly in regards to my event/party photography.

How did the self portraiture project come to be?

I have always taken self portraits, it was my self portrait portfolio that got me into art school. I’ve always been the most comfortable shooting myself, when I have an idea for a shoot, I always try to shoot myself first, before I seek out a model or a friend.

Does being a model cross over into your own photography work?

Being a model definitely crosses over into my photography. I only started modelling because I wanted to know and understand how the people I photographed felt & also so I could learn ways to direct them better.

Once I started though, I just never stopped, especially because it blends into my self portraiture. I model for a lot of photographers and designers who have a similar ethos to me so I don’t ever really stray away from my own aesthetic.

Have you any projects lined up / ideas to shoot you can share with us?

At the moment, I’m spending more time modelling so i’m not working on any personal projects. I did recently drop some merch, I designed a T-shirt called the ONE EYED MONSTER that features one of my favourite self portraits.

That’s being sold on my website and I plan to also finally start selling some prints before the year is up.

Plans post 2020?

Moving to Berlin and becoming an underground DJ.

Where can we find you online? 

You can find me on instagram : or on my website: