Moritz Jekat

Berlin, Germany

Moritz Jekat’s Series – Non ya is his latest project from summer 2018. Its a n abstract, photographic work about my multinational family with my partner Maii and her daughter Sionne. – Still lifes of everyday’s objects and portraits are telling us the story of three people from three different origins – A coming together of multiple cultural heritages and family ideas – A narrative about a new home, decipherment of the otherness and establishment of the common.

What is it that got you into photography?

I have always been interested in any sort of visual art and design. But during my studies and my first photography class, i discovered photography as my medium of first choice. The way how photography can be simply describing, silent and really calming or even poetic, but also brutal, loud and totally made up impressed me. You can transport so much more with it, than just the image itself and tell so much without a single word.

What made you pick up a camera initially and what drives you to keep shooting?

I got my first own camera while I was traveling. It was a really shitty and cheap DSLR, but I loved it. I photographed everything and also produced many really badly, touristy pictures. But since then I did not stop to take images (luckily my pictures got better). Photography feels like collecting – collecting moments and feelings – and since I am alive, there will be both to collect. And in the same time, I always want my photography to evolve. So I guess that keeps me going.

How would you describe your shooting style?

Modern, graphic, colorful, clear and honest.

What medium do you tend to shoot on and why?

I am shooting on film and digital – Film mostly for longterm projects where I do not need to worry about deadlines too much. In these cases I use my Contax T2 and my old Minolta a lot. For paid jobs I usually choose my digital Sony A7R2, which offers me a fast and easy handling and technically perfect images.

Is there a particular place in the world you would love to photograph, and if so why?

The world is too diverse that I could put it down to one spot in particular. But what attracts me are places I would usually not think about to go to. Those places you stumble into, without even planning it, usually turn out to be the most amazing ones. So basically it would be a place I do not know about yet.

What are your long term goals as a photographer?

I want my photography to constantly evolve and for me as a photographer to constantly learn and grow. Also for now I want to keep a good balance between commercial work and artistic work, even though I would love to shift it more towards artistic work in the long run.

Do you have any projects lined up in the future as a photographer you would like to share with us?

I am working on a little series about digitalization and identity. It is all around the question how humans and technology morphing with each other and what that means for us in our daily life and how we see each other.

Where can we find you online?