Andrea D’Auria

Rome, Italy

Influenced by his work as a graphic designer and his experiences within punk subcultures, he catches the vibrations of the city’s margins and mavericks.

He depicts raw realities through rare compositions that channel Renaissance,
Surrealism or Pop Art and plays with the sacred, revealing beauty in the transient space between people.

Andrea D’Auria is a photographer highly influenced by his background in graphic design and punk culture. He was born in Rome in 1989 where he studied Visual Communication & Advertising. Finishing this he later moved to Berlin. D’Auria attributes much of his art and inspiration to Berlin and its underground scene. The Italian photographer’s work is rich in subtle critiques and aims to emphasize unacknowledged beauty. D’Auria’s photography strives to be unapologetic in its authenticity. He has recently relocated to London, U.K where you will find him today.

Are you a detail oriented person or more of a big picture person?

It depends on the project as well my mental state at that specific moment in time and what I need for my self. If I’m in a really good mood I’ll go for the bigger picture. If I feel that I want to be alone and not wanting involve much action I’ll be going for the details.

What is your favorite subject to photograph?

Mostly subversive things and people, subcultures. Always with a touch of graphic design in my compositions.Why photography?It just came to me, I started doing from no where really and I found it feels good but I’ll say I’m much more a storyteller than a photographer.

What inspires you?

Books, philosophy, psychology and spirituality.

Do you have any projects lined up in the future as a photographer you would like to share with us?

I’m hoping my next project  “Lucone” is going to be my best work so far, while still being raw and rare.

Where can we find you online?

How do get what you want out of a photograph?

I never want to get the picture I like the most.What makes a good photo?A background lifestyle that works in your subconscious during the moments your taking a picture.