Where does my body begin? And does my body end? Since I have no memory of my body beginning,  if It transmigrates into the Other then am I fully born?

I live the pulse of another being inside me, watching myself going back into myself.  Where is the legitimate edge? Can we begin again plural experiencing a form of letting go?

“You amongst the I” is a project that investigates central themes such as Identity and Gender  Transmigration flowing through the dancing body.

The idea behind this filmed performance is the return of the repressed linked to the loss of social identity,  isolation and self-alienation of the contemporary human.

It speaks of a form of sensual shape-shifting, as a compelling and precise metaphor for this  post-modern condition, where the body is engaged in a continuous oscillation and movement. An hallucinatory atmosphere of nervous ecstasy holds us through a study of circular improvisation  and entities like Hysteria, Hybridity and Ambiguity are explored by the dancers through Repetition.

From society structures to inner textures, It is an hymn to a fluid, migrant and plural humanity that  carries on the Cause through its own body.

Aren’t we all migrating identities?

Directed and produced by Nicole Oike

Cinematography by Alexander Brack

Co-Cinematography for VHS by Nicole Oike

Performed by Matilde Bassetti & Lorenzo Savino

Edited by Megan Hayes & Nicole Oike

Colored by Michael Schatz

Music by Cucina Povera

Filmed at The Noisy Rooms Studios, Berlin, Germany

Nicole Oike is an artist and filmmaker currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her artistic journey began in the realm of fashion art direction but it was her pursuit of Contemporary Art studies that sparked her passion for image archiving and art curation, while continuing her studies at film school in Los Angeles. Embracing her perspective, Nicole crackes the barriers between performance art, dance, photography and video, crafting compelling narratives through experimental techniques.

Nicole Oike currently serves as a curator for Siilk Gallery, where she curates thought-provoking exhibitions that push the boundaries of visual storytelling. Additionally, she has contributed through her research to cinema platforms, curating immersive cinematic experiences.