NFT Art Fund


SIILK GALLERY’S NFT ART FUND has been set up to get new photographers, film makers and visual artists into the realms of NFT’s – To help them facilitate the works they want to get published and minted on the blockchain, to guide them through the process, help new people discover their work and to fund their first pieces to be made available to the digital world.

Being a photography gallery our main focus is on photographers, exhibiting works in physical spaces, featuring imagery and interviews on our website and within the virtual exhibitions we have and continue to curate. However we will have all the information available and open to all disciplines of art and artists who want to get into the realms of NFT’s. We want to help all types of innovative, contemporary, provocative and political creatives. Independent, forward thinking people who challenge the norms and want to push for change.

Supporting and sharing the idea behind the NFT art fund is what will make it work, grow in the future and become accessible to more and more people as it develops. The funds will be used to help artists who are Patreons get into the space. We will provide step by step guidance, support and advice through zoom calls, documentation as well as covering the costs to mint first works by selected artists.

We will also feature works as NFT’s in virtual exhibitions via platforms such as – As a gallery we want to collaborate with artists and build curated shows, help promote the artists in the digital space and push for innovative projects.

We will be adding a Discord to the page as the Patreon grows so the community can meet with each other and we are often active on Clubhouse @danielpeace.

Join the conversations when you can. Thank you for reading! #SIILK <3