Koinonía #7

Koinonía is the # 7th installment at Siilk Gallery and the first opening of 2020. The exhibition preview will take place on Saturday 4th January from 6pm and run for the month.

There will be complimentary drinks and music. Works on show by global photographers:

• Hanna Dosenko

As an artist, Hanna is motivated by the ideals of social justice and resilience, searching for an honest visual expression of one’s pain and one’s power to make a change. Her work focuses on the Middle Eastern narratives, offering a space to explore the rich culture of the region at the intersection of tradition and modernity. She is currently based in Istanbul, learning from the streets and its people with an open heart and lens.

• Razvan Neagoe

Born in 1974, Razvan is a Romanian visual artist, member of the Romanian Artists Union. He expresess himself in the following artistic genres: painting, photography, object, collage, performance, installation, land art and new media, developing projects with social temptation, architecture and classical works. In the early 2000s, he was part of the Ecco group as a founding member. Since 2006 he has been present alongside Alina Tudor – the focar group – in several large-scale projects, and now he is part of the Stup artistic community, as well. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and artistic residencies, and in 2007 he has been awarded toghether with Alina Tudor the “Youth Prize” offered by UAP for the ASEZareaTRECereaCERCul project . He currently lives and works in Bucharest.

• Yasmine Huang

Born in Guangzhou, currently working and living between New York and Hong Kong, Yasmine received her BA in Creative Media fromin City University of Hong Kong and an MA in Literary and Cultural studies in the University of Hong Kong. Influenced by philosophy and history of literature, Yasmine’s work explores the subtle interaction among the cyber world, pop culture and late capitalism, and the vulnerability being brought to individuals. She now adopts found images, found footages and other archival objects to picture a contradiction embedded in daily life. Her works have been widely exhibited and reported in main- land China, Hong Kong, Germany, Korea, and United States. She just had her debut solo exhibition Paradise at Three Shadows Photography Centre in May, 2019.

• Daniela Torres

Living in Berlin for nearly a decade has greatly impacted Daniela’s values and philosophy and hence her commentary on society through her topics, subjects and style. She uses photography as analysis and reflection of her inner self. Across multiple ongoing photographic series, Daniela is seeking
answers to her deepest questions. Celebrating nudity and imperfection, she draws inspiration from her own experiences as a woman; mixing her cultural heritage with these new surroundings, as well as creating a commentary on the society that surrounds her.

• Lars Vilhelmsen

Through narratives different spaces are staged, with different botany, botanical settings, objects and other human remains

Botany is an important focal point of the works. The fragile botany is inserted into various tableaux. Botany seems to be frozen. We have to see the botany in the works as something that once was. In that way, botany seemed to be documented in the works.

The works appear very beautiful but with a particularly disturbing undertone. It is clear that the artist has a message that we must relate to. What is about to disappear? nature? Life?

Lars Vilhelmsen is a Danish recognized artist with a very extensive work of art behind him.

He works with conceptual photography and object.

• Jonathan Walland

Jonathan Walland uses minimalism as a method of enabling clarity.

He approach modern architecture in a way that eliminates distraction, keeping the viewer focused on the purest elements of photography; form, light, texture and the way these elements amalgamate.

He demonstrates this by using a process that shifts the visual characteristics synonymous with painting onto the photographic medium.

Through separating the structure onto multiple layers, He is able to adjust exposure and contrast precisely, in a way that diverts the attention of the viewer. This enables a deliberate, surgical process that delivers my visual statement.

The images are intended to be read at face value and enjoyed visually.