Athens Art Fund

Siilk Gallery’s AAF (Athens art fund) is a residency program set up by Siilk Gallery. The aim is to crowd fund the residency so artists can travel, stay and create new bodies of work in Athens, Greece.

With peer to peer crowd funding it means we can give artists full creative control over the works they do during their stay, so they can produce works that are meaningful to themselves.

The artists will have a studio apartment in the same building as the main gallery. Access to a photography studio, printing capabilities and guidance throughout their stay.

We will document the residents stay with us here at Siilk with a short film of their experiences in the city, behind the scenes, interviews, creation of their works and general day to day / in the life.

Their works will also be exhibited in the galleries upper mezzanine level.

The photographers can host work shops, talks, screenings and more. The opportunities to do what they wish are at their disposal.

The residency will be open to artists to stay for 1-3 months. As the fund grows in the future – flights, project financing and an allowance will also be a part of the residency.

Focus group:

Being a photography Gallery our main focus is Photographers however we would like to open the residency platform up to performance artists and musicians that will be able to also perform at openings at Siilk. We want innovative, contemporary, provocative, political artists. Independent, forward thinking artists who challenge the norms.

How to apply:

If applying as a photographer please send us your BIO alongside 8-12 images you feel represent yourself as an artist and a little about your self, who you are, where you come from, where you are now and what it is you are trying to capture to

As a Musician / Performance artist please add your BIO, images that capture the essence of YOU and 2/3 videos of your performances.

  • If you are applying to be considered for AAF residency please also support the art fund and donate via the Patreon link. Supporting the idea behind the residency is what will make it work, grow in the future and become accessible to more people.



Hamburg, Germany

Maik Gräf