Zane Osler

Columbus, Ohio

Zane Osler (b.1994) Is a Documentarian and Photojournalist currently based in Columbus Ohio. His work is centered around youth culture, sports and photographing people/places that make up his community. Since graduating from Denison University in 2016, He has established himself as an important visual story teller through distinguished and unique personal projects.

Tell us a little about where you are based and the subjects you photograph there

I am based In Columbus Ohio and I photograph life in my neighborhood, the King Lincoln District among other places. My Subjects are my friends, neighbors and people I encounter on a daily basis. I document resilience and joy in the eyes of regular people.

When and why did you get into photography

Everyone in my family does something creative. From architecture to fashion, I was exposed to design and artistic critique from a young age. My father, although he won’t admit it, is definitely a book collector. His shelves are littered with everything from german architecture books to typeface design guides. I would always look through them before I could even read and was fascinated by the imagery and why/how things were made to look “cool”.

During family trips as a kid we would frequently pull off the road to observe good architecture. My dad would always ask me what I liked about the building or would point out a feature that was unique. These experiences made me realize that whether or not I was going to end up doing something artistic or creative, he was encouraging me to be critical of whatever I was looking at. I remember these moments distinctly and have no doubt they influenced me to become a photographer.

What are you shooting with

Nikon D850, Nikon F, F3, Nikon fun touch 5, and my Iphone

In photojournalism is there something specific you are aiming to capture and document for others to see

One thing I hope people can take away from my work, especially the images from my neighborhood, is to take a closer look at things they would normally ignore. There is joy, laughter and history around every corner, you just have to be willing to look for it. Although it is often overshadowed, the Eastside of Columbus is a crucial neighborhood in Columbus and I want people to understand that.

There is a projected truth about something when it is presented through a photojournalistic or documentary lens and I am always aware of that power. That’s why I choose to document people and places that are close to me, people I know well enough to represent. My subjects trust me and it shows in my work.

Do you have any projects / series in the future you can tell us about

Im working my second book. It’s about sports.

If there was any period of time that you could have covered or places and happenings what would it have been

I would photograph a gladiatorial battle in ancient Rome. Not the battle itself but the fans, vendors, fashion and atmosphere.

Where can we find you online / @zaneosler