Rebecca Dorothy

Rome, Italy

Rebecca Dorothy was born in Rome in 1993. Since her childhood , she cultivated her passion for photography. As she got older she began to move more and more into the realms  of erotic photography which is what swayed her decision in a move to Berlin – to be able to better express herself freely with her art .

Rebecca Dorothy explores the body and sensuality in a overwhelming sea of colors, focusing first on her own body with the many self-portraits then entering into the most intimate and secret moments of lovers , friends and acquaintances. Her pictures tell stories, merging between reality and fantasy, love and passion, nudity and costume .

This collection of works is named: “AMORE BEDDU”.

(Translation from the Sicilian dialect  – “Beautiful Love“).

“I want to highlight what makes this land so special from the landscapes, to the food, to the real warmth and love that all these people can give to you no matter if you are a stranger or a friend.

I created this collection of images documenting and celebrating the love I have for my country Italy, in particular the island where my father comes from and where I spent all the summers of my life, Sicily.”

Tell us what it is you love about Sicily?

I love Sicily for too many reasons. Since I was a child, that mysterious and shiny island meant for me, happiness and love.

It was that moment of the year in which I knew I would have the best time, not only because I would would finally see my grandparents and my best friends again but also because I would have spent most of the time swimming in the sea, waiting for the sun to go down to see the best twilight on the volcano or watching falling stars during the night.

Not to mention the quantity and the quality of the food, especially the meals made by my grandma and all the fresh produce thats so good and tasty. I’ve never found anywhere else.

What makes Sicily so special is the love that the people have for their land that’s why you will always be welcome there, you are entering into their heart.

Can you share with us some memories of the place you have recently shot, recent or from your child hood?

I will tell you about a ritual that me and my friends do every year when we all reunite. Since we were 10 years old we all set the alarm at 5am and sneak from our parents house to go and see the sunrise together.

We all wear a hoodies because so early in the morning is very cold. We walk to the beach, we sit and observe the horizon, we go there at least 15 minutes before the sun rises to not miss any second of this magic moment.

It’s just us and maybe some fisherman close to the shore , the water is crystalline and calm, flat and smooth . The first rays of sun start to hit the big clouds on Mount Etna (the volcano) creating the most unique shades and colors from lilac to pink from red to orange.

Then it finally starts, the tiniest slice of sun appears from the end of this infinite blue table and then we scream. We are all so happy and full of joy, we follow every single transition of the sun, nothing can distract us, we are there together, we feel alive, we feel the love.

What made you pick up a camera initially and what drives you to keep shooting?

My mom always taught me to take a camera with me, just for the simple idea of freezing the moment and have it there forever, so i started very young to shoot anything around me.

I still have a photo album from the elementary school and since then I never ever stopped . It became something so natural and essential in my life, it’s like brushing teeth in the morning.

What makes me keep shooting is that through photography I feel I can express myself and communicate what I’m not able to do with words.

How would you describe your shooting style?

Colorful, abstract, romantic, sensual, surreal.

I try to focus mostly on the combination of colors and what fascinates me a lot is the human body so in most of my photography nudity is the object and I try to express it in a  sensual and romantic way.

Are you a detail oriented person or more of a big picture person? 

I am mostly a detail oriented person, I like to shoot what’s hidden to highlight it.

What is your favorite subject to photograph?

I really like to shoot human beings. I’m fascinated by the human body so that’s why most of the time I take self portraits. I find it very intimate when it’s just me and my camera, this allows me to enter into a world of intimacy and self-expression of the body, in which I feel myself, in which I find security and in which I can escape whenever I want .

Through the lens of my camera I feel free , powerful. It’s thanks to photography that I gained more self-confidence through the years.

I understood more myself and I let my femininity and my sensuality bloom.

What inspires you? 

I get inspired by the light, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, the light always inspires me and brings me creativity.

What type of cameras do you shoot with?

I shoot in digital with a Canon 5D Mark IV and analog with different cameras but mostly with a Canon prima AF-8 35mm.

Where can we find you online?

IG @rebeccadorothyx  |