David Neman

Veberöd, Sweden

David is a photographer born in Veberöd, Sweden 1986. He has exhibited photos around Europe and currently living and working on projects in Berlin. He has been part of the Atonal Collective since 2016.

Zig Zag

This body of work is about the absurd things we smile at and the mad things we question.

While dealing with what’s expected of his generation, the photographer is also looking at generations before and after him. It’s about love, family, friends and how to zigzag your way through life.

What is it that got you into photography, what made you pick up a camera initially and what drives you to keep shooting?

I started to take photos around 1999 when I was 13-14 years old, it was around the same time I started to write graffiti and that is what got me hooked, to document what we did. I have always liked collecting things and I guess taking photos is collecting memories. I keep shooting simply because of that and also as a way to understand things, to try to look at things from a different perspective and ask questions.

How would you describe your shooting style?

It’s some sort of personal documentary photography I would say. Street, portraits, pointing and shooting when Im hanging out with friends or going somewhere.

What medium do you tend to shoot on and why?

I shoot film, both color and b/w. Most of the time when I leave the house I have one camera with color and one with b/w with me, paranoid that I will miss a good color photo or vice versa if I don’t take black and white too.

Main reason why I shoot film is that I like the look of it and the process of developing the film, not always knowing how it will look. If its not perfect thats just how it is. And its nice to do something hands on that is not involning a computer.

Is there anywhere in the world you would love to take pictures in and around, and if so why?

Maybe Russia again, I was there for some months a couple of years ago and it was really interesting and I met super nice people. So yeah, Russia and eastern Europe for sure. 

Do you have any long term goals as a photographer?

It would be a dream to do a real solid photo book some day. Other than that I think the long term goal is just to keep shooting and having fun with it. 

Do you have any projects lined up in the future as a photographer you would like to share with us?

I wish I could say I have but right now I’m just shooting as much as I can and not focusing so much on what it is. I still did not develop all the film I shot last year so I’m trying to get that done as well.

Where can we find you online?