Daniela Torres

Quito, Ecuador

Daniela Torres, Living in Berlin for nearly a decade has greatly impacted Daniela’s values and philosophy and hence her commentary on society through her topics, subjects and style.

She uses photography as analysis and reflection of her inner self. Across multiple ongoing photographic series, Daniela is seeking answers to her deepest questions.

Celebrating nudity and imperfection, she draws inspiration from her own experiences as a woman; mixing her cultural heritage with these new surroundings, as well as creating a commentary on the society that surrounds her.

Where are you from, where are you based and where to next?I’m from Quito-Ecuador and moved to Berlin in 2010.

Although I love Berlin’s vibe and the artistic essence here, staying in this city for such a long time was never my plan. Now because of personal matters I have to stay for some more time, which isn’t an issue as long as I make a bridge between Berlin and other cities in the world in order to expand my experiences as an artist and more importantly, to not get bored.

You work on ongoing photographic series, what are you mainly working on at the minute and what is the project about?

At the moment I’m finishing my series ”BOYS”, which is showcased at Siilk Gallery’s current exhibition. This series is a five-year project that I started when I was at Uni, fell in love with the topic and continued shooting until this date. To finalise the project I’ll collect the images as a photo-book that is going to be published at the end of this year.

Do you have any specific projects lined up for 2020 you would like to share with us?

The main goal this year is, as I explained above, to finish the BOYS series as an art book.
In another hand, I’m cooking already my next series which hopefully I can begin this summer in Miami.

How long have you been shooting for and what drew you to photography?

Since school, I remember taking a disposable camera for every class trip. Later on, as a teen, I got a better film camera and started shooting everything from friends to pets and places.
Much much later when a move to  Berlin I decided I wanted to study photography and so I did.

If not photography what would you be doing?

My second media is ceramics. I’m in love since I’m little and I have kept working on it until now.
Also, I organise art events through a pop-up I founded in 2017 in Berlin called Mō Gallery.

Are you shooting digital or analogue, can you tell us a little about your process from planning to putting the images out?

I use film to shoot my personal series and digital when is commissioned work as product photography or social media content.

The way I shoot for my personal series is often pretty much instinctively and on the moment. Usually, when I have a question or an impulse for a certain topic,  I start investigating the subject and there is when a new series starts. It takes some time to shape it and later on to publish it.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Mona Kuhn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Vivian Sassen, Matt Lambert to name a few.

Is there a subject matter you would love to be able to document that you haven’t yet?

There is one, yes!

It’s related to the new project I was talking about in question number 3, but I’d like to keep it to myself until I start it.Any advice for people trying to get into photography?

There is so much excitement at the beginning of your career as a photographer, though so much doubt at the moment you first release your projects. The only thing you need is self-confidence, never stop trying and improving yourself through constant learning. Reflecting on your own process is also very helpful to keep on going!

Where can we find you online?

You can find my work at www.danielatorres.net and on Instagram: @dani_torres87