X #3

Sep 5th – Oct 3rd

The third exhibition here at Siilk Gallery with international and national photographers George Kanis, David Neman, Marcus Gustaffson and Zane Osler.The photographers exhibiting are showcasing works based around their neighborhoods, friends, social lives and surroundings. The works represent the raw, real and gritty elements of their lives and lifestyles and the people around them.


Ataraxia #2

July 6th – July 20th

A self-fulfilled triptych for photographer Riccardo Raspa and art director Rini Giannaki during a summer long residency in the island of Sifnos following in the steps of island raised Epicurus; the philosopher to whom ironically every man is potentially an island. View


Génnisi #1

May 9th – June 6th

We are welcoming 4 photographers for our first group show and Gallery opening. Aritsts Sven Kraüter, Pepper Lavain, Andrea D’Auria & Curator Daniel Peace will be gracing our walls for the first time. It will be an exploration of analogue and digital formats from around the world in each of their unique styles. View